SCAPE's Channels 

Building a research community and promoting the research culture through networking, cooperation, empowerment, mentoring, and guiding is what the SCAPE collaboration initiative aims to accomplish. Clinical research and health outcomes-related projects are the key areas of the SCAPE collaboration. This initiative welcomes all applicants who are seeking research collaboration and have an official ethical approval letter and a signed research collaboration agreement form.

SCAPE Meta-Analysis serves as a reliable and authoritative resource for researchers seeking to conduct high-quality meta-analyses in a wide range of specialties, ensuring that the resulting insights contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

The SCAPE Narrative Review serves as a valuable resource for researchers seeking to conduct comprehensive reviews in several and important topics across various specialties, ensuring that the unfolding of research in particular traditions is accurately portrayed.

The SCAPE Ideas Bank serves as a repository for research ideas. These ideas are discussed during the monthly board meeting and reviewed by a scientific committee. If a research idea is found to be feasible, interesting, novel, ethical, and relevant, SCAPE offers to provide resources to execute the idea until publication, while ensuring the rights of the idea's owner are upheld.

SCAPE PowerUp stands for exclusive paid research services under the umbrella of the SCAPE Platform, designed to cater to diverse client and researcher needs. By utilizing the extensive capabilities of the SCAPE Platform, this specialized service ensures the delivery of top-tier, customized research solutions. Beyond its well-known and versatile research skills and expert insights of the SCAPE Platform, SCAPE PowerUp remains committed to providing affordable options. The pricing structures are carefully crafted to make premium research services accessible to a wide range of clients and researchers, with top quality and excellence. In essence, SCAPE PowerUp blends widely recognized research skills, expert knowledge, and personalized solutions to elevate your research to unprecedented levels.