Saudi Critical Care Pharmacy Research 

Curiosity, integrity, collaboration, devotion, excellence, empowerment

"The Future of Critical Care Pharmacy Research"

Since 07/10/2021

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The research journey necessitates diligent work, dedication, collaboration, time management, patience, and constant follow-up. Furthermore, being committed to a very high degree of research ethics, scientific integrity and emphasizing Saudi Arabia's future vision for strengthening a research culture.

what IS THE SCAPE platform? 

It is a non-profit research platform established in October 2021 by two Saudi critical care pharmacists aiming to build, network, mentor, facilitate, and exchange research ideas among Saudi Arabian and international researchers. This non-profit platform is the first of its kind that aims to empower Saudi students, trainees, and junior researchers by facilitating their participation and engagement in several ways.

WHAT ARE the GOALS of THE SCAPE platform?

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