Saudi Critical Care Pharmacy Research 

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"The Future of Collaborative Clinical Research"

Since 07/10/2021

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The research journey necessitates diligence, dedication, collaboration, effective time management, patience, and consistent follow-up. Furthermore, It is also crucial to uphold a high degree of research ethics, scientific integrity and emphasize Saudi Arabia's future vision for strengthening a research culture. It is crucial to cultivate a research-oriented culture that actively engages in collaborative research efforts. By fostering a culture of collaborative clinical research, researchers can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the country, ultimately supporting the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

what IS THE SCAPE platform? 

The Saudi Critical Care Pharmacy Research (SCAPE) platform is a unique research platform in Saudi Arabia established on October 7th, 2021 as the first pharmacists-led multidisciplinary collaborative research model in the region. SCAPE Platform's vision is to fortify a collaborative research culture that involves actively constructing, establishing networks, mentoring, empowering, facilitating, and fostering the exchange of research ideas among Saudi Arabian and international researchers. The platform plays a pivotal role in empowering trainees, students, and junior researchers by enabling them to actively participate and engage in a multitude of research endeavors. By providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, the SCAPE Platform plays a crucial role in strengthening the research community in Saudi Arabia and supporting the nation's commitment to building a robust research culture as outlined in Saudi Vision 2030.

WHAT ARE the GOALS of THE SCAPE platform?

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