PowerUp Overview 

SCAPE PowerUp stands for exclusive paid research services under the umbrella of the SCAPE Platform, designed to cater to diverse client and researcher needs. By utilizing the extensive capabilities of the SCAPE Platform, this specialized service ensures the delivery of top-tier, customized research solutions. Beyond its well-known and versatile research skills and expert insights of the SCAPE Platform, SCAPE PowerUp remains committed to providing affordable options. The pricing structures are carefully crafted to make premium research services accessible to a wide range of clients and researchers, with top quality and excellence. In essence, SCAPE PowerUp blends widely recognized research skills, expert knowledge, and personalized solutions to elevate your research to unprecedented levels.

PowerUp Key Features

Research Excellence: Unparalleled research services that leverage widely recognized research skills and expert knowledge for comprehensive and valuable outcomes.

Integrated Approach: Seamless integration with the SCAPE Platform umbrella, providing clients with a cohesive and streamlined experience for in-depth research and analysis.

Expert Guidance: Access to a network of top-tier researchers and subject matter experts, ensuring that every research endeavor is guided by in-depth knowledge and best practices.

Custom Solutions: Tailor-made research solutions that align with the specific goals and objectives of clients and researchers, ensuring the delivery of results that address the unique needs of each project.

Early Career Researcher Discounts: As part of our commitment to community service, SCAPE Power Up extends special discounts to early career researchers (students, interns, and trainees) to cultivate the seeds for future researchers.

PowerUp Services 

1) Statistical Analysis: Our Statistical Analysis service is designed to support researchers in analyzing their data using appropriate statistical methods. This includes assistance with data cleaning, choosing the right statistical tests, and interpreting the results. Our goal is to ensure accurate and meaningful statistical analysis for your research.

2) Language editing and Proofreading: Our skilled team will focus on enhancing the language quality and proofreading your manuscript. This involves correcting grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors, as well as improving overall writing style and coherence.

3) Scientific Editing Services: Our Scientific Manuscript Editing Service is meticulously tailored to elevate the scientific content of your manuscript, ensuring precision and clarity in crucial sections, including the study aims, methods, results, and discussion. Our proficient editors specialize in enhancing the scientific rigor and communicative effectiveness of your research document.

4) Consultation Services for Establishing a Collaborative Research Team: Our Consultation Services for Establishing a Collaborative Research Team aim to assist you in building an effective research team. We provide guidance on team structure, networking opportunities as applicable, roles and responsibilities, communication strategies, and collaborative tools to facilitate successful research projects. This service is valuable for both new and existing research teams.

How It Work

The SCAPE PowerUp request will be reviewed by the SCAPE Platform Board.